andy valderrama

April 2017

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At a young age Andy Valderama went Law School and like many university students he started working with catering to get some cash. That opened a door in his mind and heart to what would become his passion: Cocktail Business. For that, he entered Hotel and Restaurant Management College where he learned a lot about wines and diverse bar technics such as infusions, mixology, coffee-making and so on.

He has worked in many restaurants in Peru and currently he is the Head Bartender of ‘Jeronimo’ a high quality restaurant in Lima, where he has developed many of his most impressive creations.  Andy`s passion for the bar has lead him to travel around the world, visiting, learning from or giving training in diverse important restaurants all over the globe. A lover of `speakeasy bars`, pisco and of the Peruvian culture, he is our next guest of Pachamama`s Masters of Pisco.