Jose Luis Valencia

21st - 25th November

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Jose Luis is head bartender at the stunning arts-boutique Hotel B in Lima.

He brings with him a wealth of experience, ranging from creating drinks for major Pisco producers and Tales of the Cocktail on tour in Buenos Aries, to working at and running some of Lima and Macha Picchu’s leading hotel cocktail bars. There is a fire inside Jose, ignited by his love of The Amazon rainforest and the understanding that as the planet’s pharmacy and lungs, and in being an area larger that Europe, it is home to an infinite amount of plants, berries, herbs and spices, many of which still remain yet undiscovered and unclassified. Jose captures this magic, as well as his deep interest in Inca folklore, in his signature serves using some native herbs and syrups, homemade Chicha Morada and tinctures derived from Amazonian fruits and berries.

The cocktail scene in Peru he says is growing slowly but steadily and as the carefully selected Master’s of Pisco team is assembled; he has great expectations for the indelible rise in both reverence and consumption of Pisco across the globe. 

The scrumptious libations of Mr Jose Luis Valencia are available at Papa’s Bar from 21st until the 25th of November.